Experimentanium Science Museum provides an interactive exhibition covering all basic fields of science. Each area is full of exhibits that can be - and have to be! - interacted with: explore, gather, solve puzzles, twist and shout! Not only can you touсh the exhibits – you have to!

Opening hours:

Attention! The ticket office closes one hour before closing time.


Moscow, «Sokol» subway station, Leningradskii prospekt., dom 80, korpus 11
8 (495) 120-05-20


Weekdays Weekends and holidays «Happy day»
Children under 3 y.o free free free
Children (4 - 16 y.o) 450 rub. 550 rub. 450 rub.
Adults 550 rub. 650 rub. 450 rub.
with disabilities (adults)
275 rub. 325 rub. 225 rub.
with disabilities (children)
225 rub. 275 rub. 225 rub.
(2 adults, 2 children)
1750 rub. 2150 rub. 1550 rub.
Large family 1750 rub. 2150 rub. 1550 rub.

Tickets are sold on the day of the visit. We accept credit cards and cash. The ticket is valid for the whole day (all visitors receive an entry armband) - you can explore the exhibition, grab a bite in our café or make purchases in the shop, then return to the museum.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is there to see in the Experimentanium?
 We have over 300 interactive exhibits in our collection – and all of them can be touched, operated, manipulated. You can participate in all of those experiments yourself. We feature exhibits on mechanics, optics, acoustics, electricity and magnetism, hydrodynamics (water-themed exhibits) and puzzles. We host Science Shows and feature a 360⁰ Cinema – the Cupulus.

 2) Can I visit on my own rather than with a group?
 Of course! Come visit any day during opening hours and purchase your tickets. Remember – the ticket office closes one hour prior to the museum closing time.

 3) What does an entry ticket include?
The ticket allows you to visit the exhibition. All other features (Shows, 360⁰ Cinema etc.) are paid for separately.

 4) Do you work on holidays?
We are closed for two days per year only: December 31st and January 1st.

 5) Can we get a guided tour? Guided tours in English must be booked beforehand. Contact us at by email at enjoy@experimentanium.ru for booking.

 6) Can I join another group’s guided tour?
Unfortunately we can’t find a tour for you to join, since all tours are booked privately by other individuals. 7) How can I book a tour, a show or any other kind of event?

7) How to book a guided tour or birthday party?
Please contact us  by email at enjoy@experimentanium.ru for booking or to get additional details.

8) How early do I have to book these events?
 We accept bookings for the next 3 months, e.g. on September 1st or 15th you will be able to book any date up to November 31st.

9) Do I need to purchase my entry ticket in advance?
 Entry tickets are always available. Purchase them on the day of your visit at the ticket office.

 10) How can I get my ticket to the Science Shows and the 360⁰ Cinema?
 Tickets for all of these events are sold on the day they take place. Tickets are available from the opening time and are subject to availability. We do not accept reservations for single Show or Cinema tickets. Remember you will require an entry ticket as well to visit the Shows and the Cinema.

 11) Can I get a ticket as a gift for someone?
Gift certificates are available at the ticket office. Remember to exchange your certificate for a ticket on the day of your visit!

 12) I have booked a guided tour, but I can’t handle the pre-payment in time. What should I do?
If you can’t make the pre-payment in time (1 week after the booking), your booking may be cancelled. Please contact us at +7 (495) 120-05-20 or at enjoy@experimentanium.ru to extend your booking.

13) Can my child visit your museum on your own?
If your child is over 14 years old, it’s OK. Kids under 14 are not allowed at the exhibition or the Shows and other programs without supervision. Kids over 14 will be admitted only when carrying identification confirming their age. In any case we recommend you come along – many exhibits are built to be used by two (or more) people, so bring your friends.

Guided tours

Guided tours are available in english! Our guides will share the best of our museum with you. Duration of the tour is approximately 1 hour. We allow 1 hour free time to explore the museum after the tour. To find out more details and to schedule your own tour please contact us via email: enjoy@experimentanium.ru. Explore!
Cost: 4500 roubles for the english-speaking guide + tickets.